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How to choose the right product for dry skin

There are many products available on the market to deal with the problem of dry skin, making it difficult to decide which ones to choose. To help you make an educated decision and avoid disappointment, dry skin experts have put together a short guide explaining what ingredients are key and how they help you get the best results against dry skin1.

Woman touching her face after using Bepanthen Derma product

Look for a comprehensive answer to dry skin

A very important aspect of treating dry skin is understanding the nature of this troublesome dermatological condition. Dry skin is not a static problem, but a cycle in which individual symptoms fuel each other. For this reason, the only sure way to get rid of it permanently is to address all of the symptoms at the same time without forgetting to address the root cause: the disturbed skin regeneration process.

Our unique, inside-out approach to treating dry skin provides lasting moisturization results by using a combination of all the key ingredients2, not only to get rid of individual symptoms but to break the dry skin cycle. The special Repair Complex contains:

  • Dexpanthenol, which works deep within the skin to repair the disrupted cell renewal process
  • Vitamin B3 to soothe itchy dry skin
  • Natural lipids including Shea Butter and Argan Oil to replace lost skin lipids
  • Glycerine to provide immediate and long-lasting moisturisation

Combined into the unique formula of Bepanthen® Derma products, the above ingredients provide an answer to every symptom of dry skin at once.

Man touching his face, happy after using Bepanthen Derma products

The recurrent nature of dry skin stems from addressing symptoms one at a time. To get rid of the dry skin for good and achieve healthier skin inside and out, choose products that effectively break the dry skin cycle - just like Bepanthen® Derma does.


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2 Chen Y, Lyga J. Brain-skin connection: Stress, inflammation and skin aging. Inflamm Allergy Drug Targets. 2014;13(3):177-190. doi:10.2174/1871528113666140522104422. 

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